Who we are

IXTAL is a biotech company that operates in the field of protein science and provides to its partners products and services relative to the production, the functional characterization and the structure determination of proteins of interest.

IXTAL delivers solutions for protein structure determination and analysis through X-ray crystallography. The IXTAL portfolio includes services dedicated to in silico drug design, molecular modelling and protein engineering.

IXTAL is a spin-off of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Piemonte Orientale in Novara, Italy.











Drug design


10-20 April 2016

IXTAL will attend the BioInItaly Investment Forum 2016.

14 April 2016

IXTAL will attend the meeting "Il mercato svizzero, piattaforma di lancio per le imprese italiane del comparto Life Sciences" link.

March 2016

IXTAL is member of bioPmed, the Italian innovation cluster.

February 2016

IXTAL is member of IBIS, the sustainable chemistry innovation pole.

23 October 2015

IXTAL has been invited to SMAU 2015 for the "Filarete Healthy Startups" meeting of the Startup Revolutionary Road project organized by Fondazione Filarete. The project is co-funded by Microsoft and Fondazione Cariplo.

14 October 2015

IXTAL has won the first prize of the 2015 "inNOVazione" innovation award organized by the "Fondazione Novara Sviluppo" (2nd edition).

28 September 2015

IXTAL has been invited to EXPO 2015 for the "Spark the Milan Charter" workshop organized by Microsoft. At the event will participate more than 100 Innovators (students, small and medium enterprizes, policy makers, NGOs, academics, etc..) that will gather to define guidelines/ideas on how technology and scientific advancements can ensure the right to food for future generations.

Our Services

Cloning, Expression and Purification of Proteins

Cloning strategies

Heterologous expression of proteins

Recombinant protein production

Protein chromatography purification

Protein Analysis

Biochemical and biophysical characterisation

Electrophoretic analysis

Protein-protein and protein-ligand interaction studies

X-ray Crystallography

Robot-assisted crystallization screening

X-ray data collection and analysis

Structural studies

Drug Design

Molecular docking simulation

Molecular dynamics simulation

Ligand design

Protein Engineering

Random mutagenesis

Site-directed mutagenesis

Chimeric proteins

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